Dynamiclear Media

Youtube clips, commercials and media relating to Dynamiclear.

Dynamiclear TV Commercial Aired on TV in Australia

Dynamiclear is advertised on national television in Australia where the product was developed by Dr John Spurge ND. Dynamiclear is recommended by Australian Doctors and Pharmacists and is listed on the ARTG register as a medicine for symptomatic relief (PDF).

Dynamiclear Application Video

Dynamiclear's new innovative and patented applicator allows for a precise and hygienic application. It reduces the likelihood of spreading the infection via the fingers and helps prevent potential new outbreaks. It is also compact and portable so can easily be shared or kept hidden when you are travelling, at work or on the move.

Other Broadcast Media Coverage

Dynamiclear Radio Reviews Click here to Listen to Live Radio Broadcasts that feature Dynamiclear and discuss its effectiveness as a new treatment for HSV.