I would like to let you know that the product you stock Dynamiclear has been the best product I have ever used for cold sores.

I have suffered with cold sores on my lip as long as I can remember. They take so long to heal and the pain with the blister isn't that pleasant either. When I saw it in the Go magazine as a topical product for cold sores I thought I would give it a go.

I found it to reduce the length of the cold sore and it healed in half the time as well as stopped the pain the blister causes. It is applied only once and you can't notice that you have treated it.

I have found that it has worked for me just as the product has claimed, and I would recommend it to anyone who suffers this condition.

Thank you for taking the time to read this testimonial and would love you to continue to stock this product in the warehouse if possible. It is the best product I have ever used for this condition.

Linda, M.

Oh My Gosh!!!! This product is AMAZING!! After 30 minutes the pain was gone!!! After 72 hours the problem is almost completely Gone! Please tell me How I can invest in your Company???

Fred D

I have been using your product for the past year, and have not had ONE breakout at all. This product is the best out there!

Miss T

I just wanted to thank you for the products you offer....it's been such a relief to get the results I have. I've been using your products now for something like two years and the severity of my outbreaks have reduces immensly...and the duration between outbreaks has increased!!!!...a win-win scenerio. I can't begin to tell you what a difference your product has made in my life...especially from a psychological stand point. Thanks for all that you do!!!!

Lonnie C

I used your product during a particularly nasty flare up. I have never actually been seen by a doctor out of embarrassment for my situation. This particular flare up was the worst I had ever dealt with. I was going on 2 weeks with no end in site. It just seemed to be getting worse. I ordered Dynamiclear and thankfully got a quick delivery. I used it within minutes of walking in the door with the box. Within 12 hours, I knew it was clearing up and within a matter of days, it was gone. Thank you for giving me my life back. My family was starting to think I was going insane. I was a bit, looking for something that would work. This stuff is great.

Matthew P

I had my first outbreak in late January 2013. I had 3 total outbreaks about 6-8 weeks apart. when I had the 3rd, I was at my wits end and decided to order Dynamiclear. I was willing to try anything as nothing to that point had worked. It has now been 4 months without a single symptom. I can't thank you enough for bringing a sense of normal back to my life.


Dear Dynamiclear company,

I am writing to give a testimonial to my experience using the Dynamiclear solution.

In the summer of 2006 i was diagnosed with Lyme disease & had to take a 3 week course of antibiotics, something i had not done for 20+. A few months later, during a rather stressful time i had what was later diagnosed as sacral herpes & it was a great shock. I got through that first outbreak with no knowledge of how to treat it and/or what would be effective either short or long-term. Having practiced & taught macrobiotic/natural health/lifestyle for 20+ years i was not initially interested in trying any of the available drugs for herpes & so began to research alternative help treatments. On-line suggestions included things like hydrogen peroxide, ice-packs, lysine ointment & supplements, oil of melissa, avoiding certain foods and including others, minimizing stress, saw palmetto extract etc etc. I tried them all!!! The oil of melissa worked for a few months but then began to create new blisters. I was getting a lot of recurring outbreaks, maybe every 3-6 weeks. In 2008 my partner came across the Dynamiclear website & showed it to me. I decided to try it & with the first application experienced instant relief! It was a miracle & i felt so very grateful that there was at last a solution that immediately neutralized & stopped the itching & discomfort & began to heal quickly.

How can i ever thank you Dynamiclear?! THANK YOU so very much for helping one fairly miserable human being have the chance to suffer less. I AM SO GRATEFUL.

Most sincere & grateful.

Upstate NY & HI USA

I want to give my testimony that Dynamiclear works! I recently had an outbreak and I applied it and within 72 hours it was healing. I will continue to be a longtime customer. Thank you for giving my peace of mind back.

Victoria G

I started using Dynamiclear a number of years ago when at my wits end to treat cold sores effectively as I was continually exposed to extreme sunshine, windy and cold conditions in Western Queensland. Although more expensive than other available remedies, none of which are cheap, it actually worked! Surprise, surprise, a patented product that actually did what it claimed. Cynically, this might be a first amongst pharmacy available products for cold sore treatment. Satisfactory outcomes, from many other "recommended" treatments, proved to be disappointing or non-existent.

Keith C

This product is so fantastic. It gave me back my life. I don't have to be embarrassed anymore. I absolutely love it. It is remarkable, a great gift to my soul. I felt like I am breathing again. It is so wonderful. I was so amazed at how good this product work. I could now enjoy my job to the fullest without taking sick-leave. There are no more outbreaks.


I was having an outbreak 2 or 3 times a year until I bought Dynamiclear. I applied Dynamiclear twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. It didn't shorten my outbreak time, but after applying Dynamiclear to only 2 outbreaks, I was outbreak free for almost 4 years! This stuff is WONDERFUL!!!!! And the one bottle lasts forever. I'm only 1/2 way through the one bottle I bought from you. I will be buying another very soon though, because I don't ever want to be without it. I can't thank you enough for providing this wonderful product!!!

Keith P

Just wanted to say I am delighted with your Immune Support tablets. After having gone through a few months of repeated outbreaks, I've been clear for the last 2 months since I started taking these supplements.

Excellent product. Also very good customer service - the product was returned to sender as no one was home to receive it, and I received it again promptly after contacting you.

Many thanks!!

Saorla M
Ireland (Republic of)

I've had a very hard time with genital hsv-1. I got my first outbreak about 2 years ago and immediately got prescription meds to try to treat it. I took the meds as directed and had no results. I spent money on lots of products that only emptied my wallet and gave only minor relief if any at all....my outbreak was so bad i had fevers and missed a week of school. I had a second equally painful outbreak less than a month later. I immediately began researching online and found Dynamiclear. I placed an order, very quickly received it, and applied the product. Although it stung a bit, the stinging soon went away and seemed to take my outbreak with it. Thank you soooo much for giving me my health back... not just my health, but my life and happiness. This product is amazing.. I feel like Dynamiclear was started by a person who cares about doing what's right instead of doing what makes them money. The product is worth every penny to me.

Amber C

I am amazed! I have been getting 3-4 sores per month, lasting anywhere from a week to two weeks. Simply unimaginable pain. I got your product and used it. First I was skeptical, but within 24 hours, I realized the sore was not breaking through,and was actually healing. I bought more of your product and have been able to chase 3 more potential sores away before they happened. Whats more is they have come less often. Thank you, you saved my relationship, my body, my self respect and my physical discomfort. I cannot say enough about how wonderful your product is. I truly thought I would suffer the rest of my life.

Thank you.

Kim C

I bought the product about 3-5 years ago and haven't had a single outbreak since. The outbreaks were extremely painful and cost me valuable time off work. I discovered this product from a forum and it's the best thing that could have happened to me, the small price tag was worth that and more to be problem free as i am now. I still have virus but no outbreaks whatsoever a true blessings. Do your self a justice and just try it and you your self will be writing a review.


I wanted to write to tell you how incredibly pleased I am not only with your products. I have been using the Immune Booster and Lysine supplements for 2 months now and have not seen a blister appear. This is amazing since I would get a blister every 20-25 days without fail previous to taking these supplements. I was also having issues with breakouts on my face from what I believe was immune related and these supplements have completely cleared my face. So long as I keep seeing these results, I will be a returning customer. Thank you!!!

Kristina B

I'm so pleased with Dynamiclear that I thought I should contact you with feedback. I've had outbreaks of cold sores since my teens. I'm amazed that Dynamiclear not only does exactly what you say it does, it seems to prevent the cold sore ever reoccurring in that spot again. I seem to have far fewer cold sore outbreaks than before using Dynamiclear. Amazing and very very welcome! Thanks.


Just wanted to thank you for introducing me to your product. I can't believe how well it works and why the rest of the world isn't using it. I was skeptical at first but decided to give it a try, and how glad I am that I did.

Previously, I was having breakouts about every 40-60 days. I used the Dynamiclear as described on one of my latest breakouts and had almost instant relief from the itching. It was kind of a warm tingling sensation that really soothed the itching, but even more importantly!, the sores healed up within days, and I've gone over 6 months without a single outbreak! I love your product and am looking forward to trying it again to see what the months ahead will look like.


I have suffered from cold sores since I was a child and when under a lot of stress or too much sun, I am guaranteed to form a cold sore the following day. I find with any other cold sore formula my cold sores spread and last for weeks, if not months. When I use your cold sore formula I apply it once and notice results straight away and the cold sore lasts a few days and then seems to be gone. I have also noticed that with your product once I have used it on an area I haven’t seemed to get another cold sore again in that same area, so it seems to be killing it not just pushing it away under the skin to appear again later. This is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone that suffers from cold sores, as they are not the most pleasant or attractive thing to experience.

Thanks for such a great product!!!

Sheree W

Thank you for this life changing product!!! I can't say enough about the effectiveness and the fast healing, overnight!!! I have tried so many products and this one is truly remarkable!!! Try it!! Thank you so much, M.J.

Mary J B

I used this product for over one year. I used to have breakouts of at least 15 to 20 at one time. The Doctor give me VALTREX which didn't do anything, it just made them more and last up to 3 months. I could not eat or drink i lost so much weight that my life was hell till my mom found DYNAMICLEAR and the fist time i used it in 72 hours they were all gone! DYNAMICLEAR made my life normal again.





After using the product for only a short period of time, the results were amazing. I stayed for almost three years without experiencing any breakout, whereas before the breakouts were so frequent that they almost happened every three weeks. Thanks very much for the product. I feel like my old self again.

David S

I just wanted to thank you for making this product. I have genital herpes and the day after I applied the medication the sores already started to scab, I was so happy I was crying. Thank you so much.

Tammy M

It has been several months since we tried this product (both of us). We have been symptom free from soon after receiving it in February of 2010.

Warren & K P

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to thank you for an amazing product. I have suffered from cold sores since I was a child I am now fifty years old but my latest eruption was by far the worst I have ever had. After returning to the UK from a holiday in the Cape Verde Islands I awoke to find I had fifteen cold sores running from under my nose to my chin and all round my lips. I scanned the web and found your product and now three days after applying dynamiclear following the instructions carefully, my face has completely cleared up. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Bob C

Your product is awesome! The first time I used it on an emerging cold sore it stopped it in its tracks and it never developed! I will be recommending you to everyone I know who suffers from cold sores.

Derrick R

Thank you so much for developing this wonderful product. I have suffered with cold sores since I was a very young girl, approx 3 or 4 years old and have always been so embarrassed by them. They have caused me so much stress and I plan my social life around my breakouts.

Your product actually works, unlike all the other creams and solutions I have tried over the years. The treatment is fantastic because it is easy to apply the solution and it’s incredible that it only needs to be applied once! This is so much more hygienic than continually having to apply creams to a painful sore that ends up caking up with cream and looking worse. I noticed a definite decrease in the amount of pain in the surrounding area and nerves and best of all the sore stopped growing immediately once I used the treatment - something the other creams have never done for me.

This is definitely a unique product and the most successful cold sore treatment I have ever used and will be using for any further breakouts. Many, many thanks.


Thank you so much for this product. I stumbled upon your website after having a terrible outbreak that got badly infected. The products on the market (prescription and non) didn't do anything for me. I don't break out often, but when I did, it was horrific and wanted to hide. The stress only prolonged my breakouts.

Your product gave me confidence. As soon as I start seeing something, I say to myself, 'I have my magic Dynamiclear. No big deal. It'll be gone by tomorrow.' I LOVE your product and have told everyone I know who suffers from cold sores about it. Thank you, again, for creating this product. I can't say that enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nomita R

Being a VERY happy first time client, I would be more than happy to give you guys a testimonial. I'm in Canada, and have given your pamphlet to my doctor, who hadn't yet heard of you. Can't wait to start spreading the word about this great product!

Lauren H

As a pharmacist, I have received numerous approvals for Dynamiclear from patients who’ve tried the product. In terms of ease of application, price, safety and effectiveness, I personally haven’t come across a product which is comparable. It certainly makes recommending a product for cold sores so much easier.

Abdullah Osman
Pharmacist, Australia

The application of Dynamiclear lead to earlier crusting and healing of the lesions, erythema and pain. There were no reported clinically significant adverse events.

The trial clearly showed that compared to a commercially available 5% acyclovir cream, Dynamiclear was effective in relieving symptoms of genital and orofacial HSV lesions without significant adverse events.

Professor John Quin
Liverpool Hospital, Elizabeth St, LIVERPOOL, NSW 2170
Conjoint Assoc Professor of Medicine, University of NSW, Australia

Associate Professor John W Quin
Director Clinical Immunology
Sexual Health and HIV Medicine, Australia

Very happy with Dynamiclear. Works in one day. Very happy with Dynamiclear. Recommended to my friends, easy to use.

Brian Frew
Pharmacist, Fountain Pharmacy, Potts Point

Dynamiclear is doing very well in our pharmacy. Customers are happy to try it due to the convenience of a one-time application. Dynamiclear also brings repeat business.

Australian Pharmacy

My experience with Dynamiclear was quite satisfying. Although I used it in only a couple of patients, the herpetic lesions resolved dramatically in a couple of days in both patients.

There was significant reduction of pain and discomfort. Both patients have not experienced a relapse even after 6 months since treatment.

Dr Utpal Durve MD

The study in DYNAMICLEAR was quite rewarding for the patients recorded a dramatic response in just 48 to 72 hours which also gave them symptomatic relief.

As the medicine's application was only once, the patient found it very convenient. Localized lesions often healed in 2 weeks without recurrence in the follow up 2 3 month period.

Dr. Govind Srivastava MD
Senior Consultant Dermatologist

As a clinical investigator for the study of Dynamiclear lotion for efficacy and tolerability and comparison analysis with Acyclovir cream, I found it more effective and well tolerated in early relief from symptoms and rapid healing.

Dr. Rajeev Agarwal MD

To Whom It May Concern

‘DYNAMICLEAR’ appears to be an excellent molecule, which on local application has minimal irritability, good tolerability and induces very fast resolution of the lesion. I am quite satisfied with the product as although I have used it on a very limited number of patients, there is yet not a single case of relapse in over 6 months.

Dr. Sajid Pervez MD

To Whom It May Concern,

I have used the Dynamiclear topical solution on patients who were enrolled in the trial and I found it is very effective as a single dose therapy for herpes simplex, and rate of recurrence is also found to be lower than standard drug use.

Dr. Sandesh Gupta MD

I have treated 4 patients with Dynamiclear. All of them recovered complete without showing any adverse effect, showing no relapse.

I am comfortable and satisfied with Dynamiclear.

Dr. Sharad G. Kulkarni MD

We've been stocking Dynamiclear now for approximately 3 months. In that time the customer feedback has exceeded expectations.

People who have had hit-and-miss results over the years with other cold sore products have had fantastic results and have been amazed by the quick healing time and ease of application. It is fast becoming our #1 seller for over-the-counter cold sore preparations.

Bellinghams Parkwood Pharmacy

The product was received very well and appealed to the consumer because of its rapid results - quick, hygienic and easy to apply.

Sandra Buttee
Blooms Chemist, Cronulla

Product is brilliant. It works within 1 day and it takes away the pain and itch, and reduces the tingling symptoms.

Serafim Pharmacy

I used it on my daughter, she gets them frequently. It worked really fast, it didn't even bubble up. I used it at night and then in the morning there was only a little scab left!

Yousave Chemist, Meadowbank

Being a cold sore sufferer for many years, I was excited when offered Dynamiclear to recommend to our customers as a single dose product.

Although a little skeptical of this claim, I first applied Dynamiclear 12 hours after the first sign of a new cold sore and to my amazement the cold sore was completely gone later that same day. It’s unique and hygienic applicator meant no waste and ease of application.

Since stocking Dynamiclear at Terry White Chemist, Pacific Fair, our customer feedback has been positive with repeat sales by very happy and satisfied customers. The success of Dynamiclear has now resulted in the product rocketing to the top 3 cold sore products available within our store.

I can recommend Dynamiclear with confidence to our customers and assure them of a positive result.

Thanking you for a wonderful product!

Tanya Matthews
Terry White Chemist Pacific Fair