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Naturopath & Developer of Dynamiclear

"We have found these products can have a remarkably positive effect on people’s lives."

Dr John Spurge ND
Naturopath and Developer of Dynamiclear

Dr John Spurge

  • Dynamiclear Advantage Original Bottle

    Our core product for maximum results.
    Apply one application of Dynamiclear to any outbreak site for rapid fast healing and a reduction in future symptoms.

    • Works in an Easy Single Application
    • Destroy the Active Infection & Start Healing Immediately
    • Significantly Quicker Healing Time
    • Fast Relief for Outbreaks; Pain, Itching and Blisters

    3 x Dynamiclear Travel Buddies FREE when you order today! (value US$28.94) Perfect for taking Dynamiclear on-the-go or gifting to friends.
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  • Immune Support Formula

    Internal Power Punch
    Enhances “immune cell” activity and strengthens your body’s immune defense against the herpes virus. Contains Olive Leaf and Andrographis for specific anti-viral impact.
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    Combined Lysine Formula

    More than Just Lysine.
    Contains the amino acid Lysine which is scientifically proven to “retard” the growth of the herpes virus. Also contains vitamin C, chelated zinc and citrus bioflavonoids to regenerate the skin.
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  • Biogenic Aloe Vera Gel

    Nourish and Moisturize.
    Apply Biogenic Aloe to nourish and repair the skin after the outbreak has finished. A non-sticky soothing gel to help heal scabs faster, dissolve dead skin cells and rejuvenate.
    5.00 out of 5
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