Combined Lysine Formula - Reduce severity & frequency of HSV breakouts.

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Combined Lysine Formula

Helps reduce severity & frequency of HSV breakouts. More

  • Assists Faster Skin Regeneration
  • Help Reduce Viral Activity
  • Help Reduce the Severity of Breakouts
  • Restricts the food source of the virus
  • Purity and Potency Guaranteed

Combined Lysine Formula
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Carefully formulated blend of L-Lysine (vegetable source) + Citrus Bioflavonoids & Chelated Zinc, clinically shown to assist skin recovery, reduce breakout frequency while boosting immunity.

!More than just Lysine. Designed for superior results

Pure, Quality Ingredients:
  • Vegetable sourced, pure amino acid L-Lysine
  • Citrus bioflavonoids
  • Fast absorbing 'chelated' Zinc
  • Pure Pharmaceutical Grade nutrients.
  • Potency & Purity Guaranteed
  • Manufactured in GMP Certified Laboratory

Powerful Active Ingredients:

+Benefits of the Combined lysine Formula

Proven ingredients that work

The effectiveness of this formula is attributed to both the Lysine amino acid which helps to reduce viral activity and the combined effect of the other important ingredients, which if deficient in the body can lead to an increase in outbreaks. That is, if your body's levels of bioflavonoids, vitamin C or zinc are low, you will be more likely to have a recurrence.

1.Lysine - for a Less Active Virus

Starve the virus of its food source

Lysine is an essential amino acid (essential meaning the only way to obtain it is from our diet) that restricts the Herpes virus from becoming "active" and also from replicating.

Lysine (also known as L-Lysine) does this by gently lowering the levels of Arginine - another amino acid that is required by the Herpes virus to function. With low levels of Arginine in the body, the Herpes virus finds it more difficult to become active and cause symptoms.

Superior Source of L-Lysine

Have you seen an L-Lysine supplement cheaper somewhere else? Like many things in life there is usually a good reason why some products cost more than others and it is often to do with the quality and manufacturing that's involved.

Most Lysine lysine are made from a synthetic version of this amino acid, this means that the Lysine has been developed artificially in a laboratory from a culture. When you analyze the two amino acids they are both Lysine, but scientific research has shown that the body is often more responsive to naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and nutrients than their synthetic counterparts.

Take vitamin E for example. Studies have found that when a liver is supplemented with synthetic vitamin E, it initially responds really well to the vitamin, in fact even better than it did with natural vitamin E! But then a strange thing happened. After a period of time the liver began to reject the synthetic vitamin E altogether in favor of the natural vitamin E, rendering the synthetic version useless.

The same theory could apply to L-Lysine and other nutrients like vitamin C. Although the differences between how the body responds to naturally occurring Lysine versus synthetic Lysine are not yet fully understood, we believe that the body recognizes natural substances more easily and that in the long the run they are likely to be utilized by the body more effectively. All of the ingredients in the Combined Lysine Formula are from pure, naturally occurring sources, including our vitamin C, chelated zinc and bioflavonoids.

P.S. Don't be fooled by the words "Free Form". This does not mean that a Lysine supplement is from a naturally occurring source.

Gelatin Free Lysine

Many Lysine lysine are made using gelatin and because it is not an active ingredient, there is no law that requires manufacturers to include this information on the label. All of Dynamiclear's products are free from gelatin, as well as being free from all dairy, wheat and animal products.

Gelatin (or Gelatine) is a gel-like substance made from the collagen inside animals' skin and bones, particularly cow and pig bones and hooves. Gelatin is rich in the amino acid Arginine. so where possible it should be avoided when trying to reduce outbreaks.

+Reduce the severity of breakouts

3 Types of Citrus Bioflavonoids

Combined Lysine Formula contains 3 different types of naturally occurring Bioflavonoids (Quercetin, Rutin & Hesperidin) to ensure that you have the most effective formula available to help stop outbreaks in their tracks!

An article in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (82;60:104) stated: "the Quercetin Bioflavonoid (like in the Combined Lysine Formula) inhibits the infectivity of the Herpes virus".

Bioflavonoids help stop the spread of the Herpes virus to other healthy tissues and cells - helping to speed healing and stop outbreaks.

Bioflavonoids also help the body to absorb and use vitamin C more effectively - one of the most well known lysine on the planet for fighting skin infections and supporting healing of the skin. Clinical studies have found that combining Bioflavonoids with vitamin C (also contained in the Combined Lysine Formula) can help stop the formation and bursting of Herpes blisters. This means that you can fight an outbreak before it even begins with Combined Lysine Formula!

Bioflavonoids enhance the body's absorption of vitamin C and help to improve and prolong its effect. For this reason, vitamin C and Boflavonoids work well when taken together for long lasting and effective results against HSV outbreaks.

Bioflavonoids offer strong resistance against viral skin infections, are a natural antioxidant (they help the skin become healthy and STAY healthy) and are a powerful immune booster and inhibitor against Herpes.

+Chelated Zinc

- for Strong Immunity Against Skin Infections

Clinical studies show that taking a zinc supplement may help reduce the number of Herpes outbreaks that a person has and they are likely to be less intense and heal quicker. This is due to zinc's ability to "enhance cell mediated immunity".

Zinc improves the body's response rate to viral infections like Herpes, enhances your health, which helps to prevent outbreaks and boosts immunity of the skin's tissues. This is an awesome natural weapon in combating the symptoms of the Herpes virus!

The zinc in Combined Lysine Formula is Chelated.

Chelating is a special process that bonds the essential zinc mineral to the amino acid glycine, making the mineral a more easily absorbed form for the body to process. Chelated zinc is preferred by some health care practitioners because it allows for the zinc ion to be better absorbed and more quickly released into the bloodstream. Therefore chelated zinc has the potential to give faster acting results.

+Vitamin C

- for Faster Wound Healing and Fewer Recurrences

Did you know that having not enough vitamin C has been linked to slower healing of the skin and an increased chance of infections?

Vitamin C helps the skin repair much quicker and makes it stronger and more resistant to sores, blisters and other symptoms. It is also important in the synthesis of collagen for connective tissue in the skin, so it can help the skin get back to normal quicker.

It's interesting that vitamin C also works along-side Lysine to heal wounds and help the skin close over and regenerate. It boosts immunity against cold sores and Herpes and when taken in a supplement, an outbreak is less likely to develop. The results of vitamin C are enhanced and become more effective when combined with bioflavonoids. They also work together to prevent scar tissue.

This product truly has made my life so much better. Thank you Thank you!

I have ordered the Lysine twice now, so I've been taking it for six months. I used to have a bad breakout every month around my menses cycle. Now, I still may have a breakout every month but it is so mild I barely notice it. And it never develops into blisters.  One day of a little itchy, the next day gone. This product truly has made my life so much better. Thank you Thank you!

Chelle D,

-Effective Dose and Concentration Matters

Most Effective Dose for Long-Term Use

In clinical study, when Lysine hydrochloride (the form it is metabolized best from) is taken in concentrations of less than 1250mg (2 x 625mg tablets) it has a limited effect on the Herpes and cold sore virus - and when taken at a daily dose higher than 3000mg it is shown to be potentially unsafe.

It is important to find the happy medium, which is why the L-Lysine in Combined Lysine Formula is at a specific dose of 625mg of naturally occurring Lysine hydrochloride per tablet (equiv. 500mg of elemental Lysine). This concentration is like this for a very special reason.

Two 625 mg tablets is equal to the daily recommended dose of Lysine that is shown to retard Herpes in clinical trials. This is the amount you should be taking daily to help prevent outbreaks - it's important not to take too much more than this if you are taking it everyday or for a long period of time.

We recommend increasing the dose only when you have active symptoms, like itching, tingling and pain. There is really no benefit in taking more than this on a daily basis and doing so over an extended period of time could potentially affect your body and your balance of amino acids.

By having exactly 625 mg of L-Lysine in each tablet, you don't have to halve your tablets or run the risk of overdosing, even at times when you need to increase the dose. During active symptoms you can do this safely without reaching unsafe levels.

With Combined Lysine Formula, you get the right dose to work while also being gentle to and respectful of your body's chemistry.

This is more gentle on the body and its delicate chemistry. As a result it is likely to give you greater and more sustainable benefits in the long-run.

*Directions & Consideration

Directions for use

Maintenance dose:

Keep it simple for best results:

Take TWO tablets daily (with food) or as professionally prescribed.

During Active Symptoms:

Take THREE tablets daily (with food) or as professionally prescribed.

Children (from 6 years to 12 years)

Take ONE tablet daily (with food) or as professionally prescribed.

Pregnant women

Take ONE tablet daily (with food) or as professionally prescribed.


Olive Leaf can sometimes interfere with metabolism of the amino acid Lysine. To prevent any problem, separate the doses of taking different therapies with Olive Leaf by at least 3 hours.

Vitamin C may increase the risk of recurrence of calcium oxalate calculi, so contact your health care provider before use if you have previously had kidney stones (renal calculi).

Combined Lysine Formula contains zinc which may be unsafe if taken in excess amounts. Zinc may also affect tetracycline or quinolone antibiotic medications. To prevent any problem, separate the doses of the different therapies by at least 3 hours.

Everything that's good for you without everything that's not!

Combined Lysine Formula contains no corn, dairy, gluten, nuts, sugar, wheat, yeast, artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives. Plus, it does NOT contain olive leaf or dicalcium phosphate which may interfere with Lysine and zinc metabolism when taken in the same tablet.

Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your health care professional.

-Now you can have your (chocolate) cake and eat it too! LYS-CAKE

A balanced diet works best. You can improve every cell in your body by having a good diet, including improving how fast you heal from infection and how effectively your body combats viruses, like Herpes.

Eating foods that are rich in Arginine can cause outbreaks for some people. This includes foods like chocolate, nuts, oats and coffee, which can stimulate Arginine production.

Some foods that contain high amounts of Arginine are also very good for us (like coconut), or they maybe really enjoyable for us to eat and are a part of our daily lives. Combined Lysine Formula allows us to eat these Arginine rich foods in moderation without having to worry that they are aggravating the Herpes infection. Combined Lysine Formula helps to enhance the diet with the right balance of nutrients, which clinical studies have shown help the body fight against Herpes simplex.

Combined Lysine Formula helps to make up the difference where your diet might be lacking, and also gives you a powerful advantage in helping your body's natural immune processes fight off the infection.

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Each bottle contains 60 tablets, a one month course when taken twice daily.