The Only Clinically Shown Single Application Herpes Treatment

Dynamiclear Delivers Results

Dynamiclear is in a class of its own

The first and only HSV treatment in the world to be clinically shown to remove symptoms faster in a single application [1]

Dynamiclear Clinically Shown to Heal Herpes Faster
Dynamiclear kills herpes virus

In a multicenter, randomized, prospective and open label study over 63% of Dynamiclear users experienced complete healing of blisters just 72 hours after applying a single dose application, compared to less than 24% of users in the comparator group.

After 8 days the majority of Dynamiclear users had complete disappearance of their blisters (90.2%), in contrast to just over half of users in the comparator group (59.3%).

The remarkable results that occurred after 1 single application of Dynamiclear amazed clinical researchers. [1]

Dynamiclear’s Potential as a Topical Antiviral

Heal Herpes Simplex Symptoms Faster and Easier

Herpes Diagram
Dynamiclear Destroys Herpes
Dynamiclear kills active HSV

In clinical study, over 90% of the Herpes virus was destroyed in less than 1 hour after applying the Dynamiclear active. [2]

In an FDA sponsored, peer reviewed and published Maryland University clinical study it is shown that the active in Dynamiclear immediately goes into action destroying the Herpes virus colonies on contact, as well as the host cell harboring the virus. Dynamiclear acts like a spear, puncturing the host cell and the DNA of the Herpes virus. [2]

The Dynamiclear active reduced colony forming Herpes simplex virus (HSV) cells from 100% to less than 10% in under 1 hour. [2]

This means an unprecedented 90% of the herpes virus was destroyed in less than 60 minutes! This almost instant destruction of the virus promotes superior healing.

Clinical Trial Dynamiclear

Fast Results in One Simple Application

Clinically Trialed Results
  • Speed Healing – 63% Trial Participants Recovered in 72 hours [1]
  • Destroy the Herpes Virus on Contact – 90% in Less than 1 hour [2]
  • Clinically Shown to Work Faster than Ordinary Topical Treatments [1]

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