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Significantly Faster Healing

Dynamiclear has been shown in clinical trial to heal herpes symptoms faster and easier than topical Acyclovir.1

Proven to Destroy HSV on Contact

Clinically shown to destroy over 90% of Herpes simplex virus cells in less than 1 hour after direct contact.2

Impeccable Safety Record

Researchers were amazed that there were no adverse events reported in the Dynamiclear control group during the clinical trial.

In 2006 a Phase III clinical trial was sponsored by Dr John Spurge ND.

He wanted to prove what his clinic has been witnessing for over a decade – that Dynamiclear is a potent and very promising therapy for HSV-1 and HSV-2.

The trial was conducted on adult patients suffering from Herpes simplex infections Type I and Type II.

% Users with Complete Disappearance of Blisters After Application
Dynamiclear Clinical Trial Results

Dynamiclear healed symptoms dramatically faster when assessed at 3 and 8 day intervals

In a multicenter, randomized, prospective and open label study over 63% of Dynamiclear users experienced complete healing of blisters just 72 hours after applying a single dose application, compared to less than 24% of users in the comparator group.

After 8 days the majority of Dynamiclear users had complete disappearance of their blisters (90.2%), in contrast to just over half of users in the comparator group (59.3%).

The remarkable results that occurred after 1 single application of Dynamiclear amazed clinical researchers. 1

Dynamiclear was significantly more effective for not only blisters, but for itching and pain relief too.

In all the efficacy parameters, including resolution of redness, burning, stinging, itching and blisters, a significantly higher percentage of patients in the Dynamiclear group were relieved of symptoms after a single application of the treatment by both ITT and PP analysis.

Peer Reviewed Treatment

Dynamiclear has been Clinically Trialed in a Phase III Study tested on 149 adult patients with HSV. The study is published and peer reviewed.

Featured in Medical Journal

The results of the Dynamiclear Phase III Clinical Trial are published in the prestigious New York Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.

In an independent, peer-reviewed and published Maryland University study, it was demonstrated that the Dynamiclear active reduced colony forming HSV cells from 100% to less than 10% in under an hour. 

That means an unprecedented 90% of the virus was destroyed in 1 hour! Only Dynamiclear does this.

Dynamiclear Active Destoys HSV

The study shows how the active in Dynamiclear immediately goes into action destroying the herpes virus colonies on contact, as well as the host cell harboring the virus. Dynamiclear acts like a spear, puncturing the host cell and the DNA of the herpes virus.

The virus can not multiply or spread and that puts the odds against the virus surviving or replicating. This information might help to explain why some people report fewer and less intense breakouts after each application of Dynamiclear.

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