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What Is Dynamiclear?

Dynamiclear is the world’s first clinically tested single application herpes treatment. It is a topically applied antiviral gel that is effective in clearing outbreaks rapidly fast.

How Does the 2 Year Guarantee Work?

Dynamiclear comes with a generous 2 Year Money-Back Guarantee to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase!

There are no hidden catches, no extra fees. If you are not 100% happy with the results you can return the used product for a full refund (less shipping).

Will It Work For Me?

Dynamiclear has a wonderful success rate with over 200,000 satisfied users in more than 87 countries across the world. Read real life success stories from Dynamiclear Users.

Like all products there are people who may not respond to the treatment but we have found this to be only a very small percentage of less than 5%.

When applied correctly there are very few people that Dynamiclear will not work for. Just in case, Dynamiclear comes with 2 Year Money Back Guarantee to ensure that you are completely happy with your purchase!

I Need Help With My Situation, What Can I Do?

We have an experienced team of staff to help you. Write, email or phone us for support with your order, how to use Dynamiclear or even if you just need someone to talk to.

Unfortunately our staff can NOT offer diagnosis or help with symptoms that you are unsure about. You will need to visit your Doctor for their professional advice in these situations.

Can I Apply Dynamiclear More Than Once?

Dynamiclear only needs to be applied once per blister or outbreak site. Amazingly, Dynamiclear will work faster and give you a better result if you follow this simple instruction.

Making a correct application is important for getting the most from your Dynamiclear. If you get stuck and need help why not send an email to our Customer Care Team? We can share our knowledge with you and help make sure you are on the right track to success.

How Quickly Does It Work?

Dynamiclear is clinically shown to heal HSV blisters, itching, redness and pain significantly faster and in a single application.

Healing typically takes between 72 hours to a week, but will vary depending on the individual case.

How Long Does A Bottle Last?

There is enough product in a Dynamiclear Bottle for up to 60 treatments. Dynamiclear is applied once per outbreak to each site of infection. One bottle has a life-time value for some customers.

What Can I Expect With an Application?

  1. A mild to strong tingling or stinging sensation as the Dynamiclear molecule travels down the peripheral nerve eliminating the viral infection.
  2. The area of application will rapidly dry up and begin to heal, often with the formation of a scab.
  3. After approximately three to seven days the scab will fall off to reveal normal healthy looking skin.

Is Dynamiclear A Cure?

No, Dynamiclear is a simple and easy method to stop symptoms quickly when they appear, without the use of drugs and harsh side effects.

Can I Use It With Antiviral Medication?

Yes. Dynamiclear be used with antiviral medication or on its own.

Some clients like to take a prescription medication to help suppress the virus and reduce viral shedding while using Dynamiclear to ‘zap’ the symptoms when they occur. You can also take supplements to help lower viral activity.

It is a personal choice that will depend on your situation, what you are trying to achieve and what works for you.

When Should I Apply Dynamiclear?

Apply one time only to each outbreak site, when noticeable symptoms appear.

What is the shelf-life of Dynamiclear?

There is a ‘best used before’ date provided for each batch which is valid for three years from the date of manufacture. Dynamiclear is a stable solution and a natural preservative so if handled correctly (sealed and stored out of direct sunlight) the solution scientifically will not normally expire or deteriorate.

Would My Doctor Recommend Dynamiclear?

If your Doctor has had the opportunity to try Dynamiclear then we are certain that they would most likely recommend it to you because of its obvious effectiveness, safety and ease of use.

Read Testimonials from Doctors who Have Experience with Dynamiclear.

Dynamiclear is peer-reviewed for safety and effectiveness which provides added peace of mind for Doctor’s who may be interested in recommending complimentary natural therapies to their patients. If you are a health care professional and interested in trialing Dynamiclear please contact us for an information pack.

Can Dynamiclear Be Applied Safely to the Genitals?

Yes. Dynamiclear works very effectively on genital infections helping the episode to clear quickly and giving powerful relief to pain and itching.

The safety and effectiveness of Dynamiclear on genital herpes has been published in a Peer Reviewed Phase III clinical study conducted in 2006.

The report clearly shows that there are no adverse side effects when applying Dynamiclear and that it provides significantly faster healing of HSV blisters, redness, itching and pain after a single application.

Can Dynamiclear Be Used On the Eyes?

No. Dynamiclear is NOT suitable for ocular herpes or infections of the eye.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Dynamiclear is clinically tested for safety on both cold sores and genital herpes. Aside from a mild to strong stinging sensation that is felt with the application there are no adverse side effects to using Dynamiclear.

Occasionally a person may be allergic to an ingredient in the formulation. Dynamiclear contains a copper mineral and is not recommended for people who are allergic to copper. To ensure that you are not sensitive to the ingredients please do a simple skin test before your first use. See the directions enclosed with your product for full details.

Will Dynamiclear React With Alcohol, Other Medications or Drugs?

No, Dynamiclear will not cause interference with internally taken medicines. The treatment is also not affected by drinking alcohol and does NOT contain alcohol.

Dynamiclear is not a liquid medicine or pill to digest but instead a topical application (applied “onto” the skin like an antiseptic lotion). Dynamiclear does not react with alcohol or other medications as a pill or liquid would.

Can I use Dynamiclear If I Have AIDS Or Some Other Immune Deficiency?

Yes, Dynamiclear can be helpful.

With a compromised immune system herpes outbreaks tend to be more frequent and take longer to heal, therefore more persistence may be required and you may have varying degrees of success compared to that of a person with a healthy immune system.

I Don't Like Pain. Will It Sting?

What each person feels is different and can range from nothing more than a very subtle “tingling” to a mild or strong stinging sensation that can be similar to applying an antiseptic.

Dynamiclear will not sting when applied to normal, healthy skin tissue. However if you apply the gel to an active infection you should feel some sensation. Tingling and stinging are positive signs that the application is working and that Dynamiclear is making contact with and destroying the infection.

Can Dynamiclear Be Used If I Am Pregnant?

As with most treatments we recommend that as a safety precaution Dynamiclear be used before or after a pregnancy, not during.

This recommendation is not because there has been any adverse findings but because we have not yet completed comprehensive clinical trials to determine the safety of using Dynamiclear during pregnancy.

I Am Unsure What I Have - Can I Use Dynamiclear?

If you notice something out of the ordinary it is important to have your symptoms diagnosed professionally before you begin any type of treatment.

If you suspect that you have a skin infection or other condition please consult a health care provider as soon as possible, preferably before the symptoms go away.

If you do happen to purchase Dynamiclear and use it on a condition that is not herpes it is unlikely to cause any harm or contra-indication, however it also may not work effectively.

When Can I Expect To Receive My Order?

As quickly as you need it! Please read our Shipping Rates and Times.

All orders are dispatched immediately the same day (or the next business day) after payment is approved.

Can You Ship Overseas?

Yes, we certainly do.  Dynamiclear products can be delivered to virtually any address in the world.

Such as…

  • Business and Residential addresses
  • PO Box addresses
  • APO, FPO and military bases
  • Over 87 countries around the globe 

Refer to our Shipping Rates and Times.

I Am Worried About My Privacy, Is This Confidential?

Yes, absolutely. Our staff are experienced in dealing with confidential ordering and take your privacy very seriously.

All personal information (including your name, telephone number, address and email) are not disclosed to anyone. We will only contact you if we absolutely have to. All orders of Dynamiclear are sent in a plainly labeled “simple” package, with no mention of the words ‘herpes’, ‘Dynamiclear’ or the purpose of the product.

We understand the sensitive nature of this condition and will cater to any special needs that you have.

What Will Appear On My Credit Card Statement?

Any billing statements are STRICTLY confidential. When you order Dynamiclear the credit card charge will appear from Global Herbal Supplies, AU. The word herpes is not mentioned on any invoicing or billing statements.

Our subsidiary company, Global Herbal Supplies, sell over 10,000 natural health care products which all display the exact same credit card reference. This makes your Dynamiclear purchase inconspicuous.

Do I Need A Prescription?

A prescription is not required to purchase Dynamiclear. This is because Dynamiclear is an all natural solution and is not taken internally. Dynamiclear is a topical skin application (it is applied onto the skin like an antiseptic).