How It Works

Dynamiclear is a natural antiviral gel that significantly speeds the healing time of herpes and cold sore symptoms.[1]

It is simple and easy to use, and works in a single dose application (per outbreak site).

The simple answer is, no matter how long your outbreaks normally last for you can expect that the blisters, itching, redness and pain should clear dramatically faster when you use Dynamiclear.[1]

Some people’s outbreaks may naturally last for only a few short days, while others can linger on for as long as weeks. This makes it difficult to give an exact time-frame. Each person’s healing rate and outbreak cycles are different – factors such as a person’s immune system, the type of herpes and location, and how long someone has been infected all influence how quickly an outbreak might heal.

Peer reviewed and published clinical studies show us that the healing time is significantly faster after a single application of Dynamiclear[1], and the active ingredient eliminates nearly all of the Herpes simplex virus (over 90%) in less than an hour after the application.[2]

To improve your body’s potential to heal quickly, also check out our Herpes Free Diet Guide. This is a detailed manual for preventing and managing outbreaks through eating nutritious, ‘herpes-friendly’ foods.

Dynamiclear is clinically shown to speed the healing time of herpes outbreaks in a Single Application.[1] It does this by eliminating any of the herpes and cold sore virus that it comes into contact with on the surface of the skin.[2]

For most people Dynamiclear works very quickly and effectively. If it turns out not to be the product for you, your purchase comes with an unconditional Exteneded 2 Year Return Time.

2 Years Extended Return Period

Dynamiclear contains the following ingredients:

Cupric sulfate pentahydrate, Hypericum perforatum, Calendula officinalis, Vegetable Derived Glycerol, Aloe vera barbadensis, Naturally Sourced Vitamin E, Purified water.

Dynamiclear does NOT contain alcohol, preservatives, parabens or any animal derived products.

No. Dynamiclear does NOT contain alcohol.

Dynamiclear is made using a patented mineral and herb formula which also contains emollients, such as vitamin E and glycerol, which nourish the skin while it is healing.

Dynamiclear products are clinically tested to be helpful for conditions caused by the Herpes simplex virus (HSV1 and HSV2). This includes both cold sores and genital herpes.[1][2]

How to Use Dynamiclear

How do I use Dynamiclear?

Apply Dynamiclear once only during the outbreak, to each site of infection, and then allow each area to heal without disturbance.

Full instructions are included with every order, and we provide email and telephone support during clinic hours if you need help.

How to apply Dynamiclear (PDF diagram)

SHELF LIFE – There is a 3 year expiry from the date of manufacture. However, Dynamiclear is a stable solution and if stored correctly (such as in your medicine cabinet and away from direct sunlight) the ingredients do not normally deteriorate.

For best results Dynamiclear should be applied one time only, when there is visible irritation on the surface of the skin.

If applied when a herpes or cold sore blister has naturally opened, Dynamiclear will usually penetrate very effectively and make contact with and destroy a greater amount of virus than at any other stage of an outbreak. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this application method may result in fewer and less intense recurrences.

Dynamiclear may be effective when applied in the early stage of an outbreak, as long as some virus has surfaced to the skin. Signs of activity include tenderness, redness, swelling, itching or a lesion or break in the skin.

Safety & Certification

If your Doctor has had the opportunity to try Dynamiclear then we are certain that they would recommend it to you. If you like, mention Dynamiclear to your Doctor on your next visit and give them our contact details for information.

Those who have had the chance to try Dynamiclear know that it is an undeniably effective and non-harmful solution, especially when many people are not satisfied with the treatments that are currently available.

Read Testimonials from Doctors & Skin Care Specialists who have used Dynamiclear.

If you are a Doctor or Health Care Professional please contact us for your own Professionals Information Pack.

Aside from a mild to strong stinging sensation (felt with the application) Dynamiclear has no known side-effects. It has also been clinically tested for safety on both cold sores and genital herpes.[1]

Dynamiclear contains a copper mineral and therefore is not recommended for people with copper allergies. To ensure that you are not allergic to the ingredients in Dynamiclear, please do a simple skin sensitivity test before using for the first time. See directions for full instructions.

No. Dynamiclear is an Australian made product that is registered as a TGA listed medicine. TGA is the Australian equivalent of the FDA and is a health certification that is recognized worldwide.

Dynamiclear is manufactured to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification to ensure that every batch is safe and consistent.

A prescription is not required to purchase Dynamiclear. This is because Dynamiclear is a complimentary skin care product that has no known side effects. The ingredients in Dynamiclear are time-tested, non-harmful and certified to be safe for topical (external) use on the skin.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Yes. Privacy and Confidentiality is an important aspect of our service. When you order any products from the Dynamiclear Store we ensure complete privacy and discretion.

  • All orders are sent in a plainly packaged parcel
  • The words herpes and dynamiclear do not appear on any labels
  • Our Warehouse Department ships out a large inventory of different products including computer software and cosmetics. This makes the items delivered confidential.
  • We guarantee the safe and private arrival of every order

If you have a special request please contact us so that we can help you.

For privacy reasons, the charge on your credit card will appear from our subsidiary company name “GLOBAL HERBAL SUPPLIES”. The words DYNAMICLEAR and HERPES will never appear on any billing information.

Yes. We understand the sensitive nature of our products and any information that you provide is treated with the highest level of confidentiality. Your personal information is private and is not shared with anyone.

For answers to common questions about Privacy please read the Dynamiclear Store Policy.

Shipping & Delivery

If you are in the US, there are 3 fast, private options:

  1. USPS Standard First Class Mail – starts at $7.95 (arrives in 5 to 10 working days)
  2. USPS Priority Mail – starts at $9.95 (arrives in 2 to 5 working days, with tracking)
  3. USPS Express Mail – starts at $29.95 (arrives in 1 to 3 days, with tracking)
  • Express mail is overnight to many areas and may deliver on a Saturday
  • Allow up to 1 business day for payment processing
  • All approved orders ship from New York

For more shipping rates (including options to Canada, the UK and Worldwide) please visit the Dynamiclear Online Store.

Add any products that you like to your cart and use our handy Shipping Calculator to get an exact shipping quote and expected arrival times before buying.

Where is my order being shipped from?

Our US warehouse is in Olean, New York – near Buffalo.

When will my order be shipped?

It some cases it may take up to 1 business day to process your payment. Once approved the order is always shipped the same day from New York.

Do I have to sign for it?

Our standard delivery options do not normally require any signature. The Express Mail option IS a signature required service.

The delivery driver will usually leave a “while you were out” calling card so you can arrange a time to collect the package or have it redelivered.

Can I pick it up locally from New York?

We apologize but our New York warehouse is not setup to process payments and accept direct orders. Our NY warehouse organize packing and order fulfillment only. To order Dynamiclear please use our Secure Online Store.

Is Dynamiclear available in stores?

Dynamiclear is available in pharmacies (drug stores) in Australia where it is developed, as well in South Africa and Canada where distribution rights have been granted.

In the United States, orders are sent locally from New York, with express delivery available if an order is wanted urgently. At this point in time, Dynamiclear is not distributed through US stores.

Payment & Purchasing

When you make a purchase in the Dynamiclear Online Store you are entering a Secure Server – Dynamiclear protects your information by using industry leading technology and proven fraud protection services including: 256 bit secure data transfer protocols (SSL).

Learn more about our Security Practices

Choose to make payment using a method that suits you:

  • Credit Cards – Mastercard, Visa, American Express and JCB
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If you would like to pay by check or money order please include an additional $3 for processing this payment method, and include both the cost of the items that you wish to order and shipping. Our mailing address is:

2251 Constitution Ave,
Olean NY 14760

Please include your full name, address and contact details so that we can guarantee the safe arrival of your products and contact you if needed.

Are there any recurring charges?

No. All charges are applied once only and are a “one time” only purchase. Furthermore, all credit card numbers are removed from our computer systems after an order is successfully processed.

Easy Refunds & Returns

All Dynamiclear products come with an Store Policy for more detail.

A refund is no problem at all. Simply return the unwanted item/s within our 2 Year Satisfaction Assurance to the return address on the envelope:

2251 Constitution Ave
Olean NY 14760

If you need any help at all please contact us so that we can assist you.

Please contact us as soon as you can so that we can take care of the problem for you or offer a solution.

Fast, efficient order processing is important for our customers, who often need our products as quickly as humanly possible. Our services are automated and streamlined to guarantee the fastest possible turn-around times for delivery.

If you would like to cancel your order please contact us as soon as possible. If it is possible to stop the order before it is sent a full refund can be given back to your account. Orders that are already shipped cannot be cancelled, but they can be returned for a full product refund less shipping.

Company Information

How long has Dynamiclear been in business?

Our company has been doing business online for over a decade, with our first website launch dating back to 1997.

Dr John Spurge ND, the founder of Dynamiclear, has been providing his services as a health care provider since 1984 at his registered practice in Queensland, Australia. Learn more about the history of Dynamiclear in the About Us.

Shipping Warehouses

Company Headquarters & Health Care Clinic

Dynamiclear Warehouse
2251 Constitution Ave
Olean, NY, 14760
Dr John Spurge ND
Mareeba Natural Health Centre
19 Byrnes Street
Mareeba, QLD 4880
Dynamiclear Warehouse
Unit 25, Kilwee Business Park
Upper Dunmurry Lane
Dunmurry, BT17 0HD

Contact Phone Numbers

Technical Product Advice & Support: 1-877-553-4488 (see business hours below)
General Enquiries & Order Placing: (800) 670-4363 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

If you are calling from outside of the US or Canada, please see more Contact Information here.

Business Hours

Clinic Product Support is open from 9AM to 1PM Monday to Friday Australian Eastern Standard Time. This corresponds to the late afternoon and evenings US time.

Herpes Help

One of the most challenging problems with herpes is that it can occasionally spread when there are no symptoms because of what is known as Asymptomatic Viral Shedding.

The good news is that this risk is minimal and there are ways that you can greatly reduce this risk even further. The chance of spreading the herpes virus when there are no symptoms is statistically very small. At most there is a 3 – 8% chance that the virus will spread in this way.[3]

According to current studies, there is a greater likelihood of you having a car accident than there is of contracting herpes from a person who is aware of their HSV positive status.

More good news is that this already very small chance can be greatly reduced by taking some simple precautions. It’s a fact that avoiding contact when there are signs of the virus, using condoms, strengthening your immune system, and taking clinically supported supplements can help to lower your already low risk of spreading Herpes.

  • The first golden rule is that under no circumstance should you have intimate contact with the area when you see or feel any signs or symptoms. This includes symptoms that you can’t see including itching, tingling and tenderness.
  • The “high risk time” for spreading the Herpes virus is from the very first sign of symptoms up until a few days after the area has completely healed.
  • The odds of passing on herpes is statistically lower with the use of condoms. Condoms will not guarantee complete protection but they will help to lower your chance of spreading herpes, including at times when there are no symptoms.[4] Like many couples where herpes is involved, you or your partner may decide that you prefer not to use condoms, especially once the relationship is established.
  • Valtrex is a herpes medication that, if taken everyday, has been proven to help reduce the risk of Herpes viral shedding. This drug must be prescribed by a Doctor.
  • Immune Support is a ‘guaranteed potency’ herb therapy (manufactured to GMP certification) that has been shown in clinical studies to reduce Herpes viral shedding in vitro. It works by optimizing the body’s immune response and “inhibiting the Herpes virus from shedding, budding and assembling at the cell membrane”. This supplement may be beneficial for both those individuals who have Herpes, as well as for non-infected partners who wish to take a natural supplement to help improve their immune resistance against Herpes.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is another way to reduce the activity of the Herpes simplex virus. The Herpes Free Diet Guide is a useful ebook with detailed information about Herpes and how it is affected by certain foods and drinks, including recipes.
  • Combined Lysine Formula is a combination of nutrients which have been shown in clinical studies to reduce the activity of the Herpes virus. This supplement specifically addresses diet concerns that are relevant to Herpes and may offer further protection against transmission.
  • Communication is really important. Evidence has shown that when your partner is aware that you have genital herpes, the risk of spreading the infection to them is a lot lower.[5] If you see or feel any signs or symptoms (including itching, tingling or nerve pain) make absolute certain to avoid having sex or intimate contact with the area. Any possible symptoms, including those that you can’t see, can mean that the Herpes virus is active and potentially contagious.

Asymptomatic viral shedding is most frequent during the first year of infection, and typically occurs much less often in HSV-1 genital herpes cases (a genital infection that is usually acquired from a cold sore).[3]

Some of our clients have had the herpes virus for several years, sometimes 20 years or longer, and to the best of their knowledge have never spread the herpes virus to any of their partners. Some of these individuals have been in long term relationships for decades without ever passing the virus onto their partner. So we know for a fact that it is possible to NOT spread the herpes virus to your partner!

These success stories are often attributed to simple precautions such as abstaining from sex during outbreaks, communicating with partners when an outbreak might be present, and actively supporting the immune system to suppress viral activity.

If you notice something out of the ordinary, it is really important to have these symptoms diagnosed professionally before you begin any type of treatment.

If you suspect you have an infection or an unusual skin condition please consult a health care provider in your area as soon as possible, preferably before the symptoms go away.

Don’t be embarrassed. Your Doctor is trained to identify these types of conditions and more than likely is dealing with herpes and other skin infections on a regular basis. You can also find a free STD clinic in most areas, if the cost of the visit is a concern.

It is ideal to visit a Doctor while you still have visible symptoms as this will enable them to look at the infection and make an educated guess on what may be causing the infection, before having to do further testing. If you let it go by, it may be several weeks or months before you will have the opportunity to confirm what is causing the problem.

Herpes can be diagnosed either by a blood test or by taking a sample of the affected skin tissue and sending it away for analysis.

The latter is preferred if possible, because blood tests may not always provide a conclusive result. There are many reasons for this, including that it can take up to three months for the antibodies to develop which these blood tests are designed to detect.

We can not stress enough how important it is to get a professional opinion on what may be the cause of your symptoms, rather than self-diagnosing or jumping to conclusions based on your own research.

Our clinic has witnessed many cases of misdiagnosis where a patient has incorrectly presumed that they are infected with herpes, when in fact something else has been causing their symptoms. Getting peace of mind by knowing what is really going on and having the correct information on how to properly treat and manage the condition is always worth one inconvenient visit to the Doctor.

Due to the sometimes atypical nature of the herpes virus, it is not uncommon for a person to occasionally be incorrectly diagnosed, even by a trained medical professional. If you do happen to purchase Dynamiclear and use it on a condition that is not Herpes, it is unlikely to cause any harm or contraindication, but it also may not work effectively.

All purchases are covered by our 2 Year Quality & Satsifaction Return Period, no matter what the circumstance.

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Dynamiclear Travel Buddies - 6 Pack

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  • Powerful Original Formula
  • Effective on HSV type 1 and 2 (genital herpes and cold sores)
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  1. Clewell A., Barnes M., et al. “Efficacy and tolerability assessment of a topical formulation containing copper sulfate and hypericum perforatum on patients with herpes skin lesions: a comparative, randomized controlled trial.” J Drugs Dermatol. 2012 Feb;11(2):209-15.
  2. Sagripanti, J L ., Routson L B., et al. “Mechanism of copper-mediated inactivation of herpes simplex virus.” Antimicrob Agents Chemother. Apr 1997; 41(4): 812–817. Clinical Trial conducted by the Maryland University and sponsored by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  3. Richwald, G.A., Warren, T.J, (2002) “The Diagnosis and Management of Genital Herpes: The Silent Epidemic.” Medscape, The Center for Health Care Education, LLC.
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  5. Wald A, Krantz E, Selke S, Lairson E, Morrow RA, Zeh J. “Knowledge of partners’ genital herpes protects against Herpes simplex virus type 2 acquisition.” J Infect Dis. 2006;194:42-52.