Frequently Asked Questions about Dynamiclear

This pages contain the answers to most commonly asked questions submitted by our customers. Scroll through the sections below to find the answer your are looking for. If you can't find the answer to your question below please contact our support team for help.

Product Questions:

Where can I find detailed product information?

To learn about the Dynamiclear products including how they work, the active and inactive ingredients, pictures, prices and other important information please visit:

What is Dynamiclear used for?

Dynamiclear is the world's first clinically tested one application gel for use on the Herpes simplex virus (HSV). It is an all natural formula and has been demonstrated in clinical trials to help heal HSV-1 and HSV-2 symptoms quickly and effectively after only a single application.[1] A skin infection should always be diagnosed professionally so that the specific and correct treatment approach is followed. Dynamiclear should only be used as directed. Dynamiclear is for external use only and should not be used on the eyes.

Where can I find information about safety?

The following articles give clear answers to issues such as precautions, safety of ingredients, use during pregnancy and other important safety information:

Can Dynamiclear be used when there are no visible symptoms?

When there are no visible symptoms we recommend taking our Combined Lysine Formula and Immune Support supplements.

The Dynamiclear Gels are intended to be used when there is a visible infection on the surface of the skin. This is because these gels need to come into direct contact with the surfaced virus particles in order for them to be effective.

Dynamiclear may help to reduce future outbreak cycles by weakening the viral load with each successful application. If a goal of using the therapy is to help reduce the frequency and severity of future attacks, time the application when the symptoms are most active. This will enable the gel to destroy a maximum amount of the virus at the infection site and potentially have a greater impact on the virus cycle.

Dynamiclear can alternatively be applied at an earlier stage (such as when the blister or symptom first develops) to help avert the developing cold sore or breakout. This technique is effective in some cases, and for best results the applicator should be held on the infection site for up to 30 seconds to help the medicine penetrate.

What if my Doctor or Practitioner is not familiar with Dynamiclear?

If your Doctor or Practitioner has not yet heard of Dynamiclear or is unfamiliar with our products, please recommend them to our website or advise them to contact us directly for practitioner information and support.

Many doctors and pharmacists throughout the world recommend Dynamiclear because of the unique benefits that Dynamiclear offers to their patients. Please read some of the Reviews that we have received from health care professionals and continue to hear on a regular basis.

Dynamiclear is a complimentary health product and is not a prescription drug. This is one reason why some medical doctors may be less familiar with this option. However, most doctors are actively interested in becoming aware of new and innovative therapies, particularly when they are supported by clinical evidence.

Once given important prescriber information regarding Dynamiclear, your Doctor may wish to recommend Dynamiclear along with your current prescription medication, or they may like to obtain samples for use in their own clinic. Please ask your Doctor to contact our clinic today.

Do I need a prescription to try Dynamiclear?

A prescription is not required to purchase Dynamiclear. This is because Dynamiclear is a complimentary skin care product that has no known adverse effects. The ingredients in Dynamiclear are pharmceutical grade and it is certified to be safe for topical use on the skin.

What is the shelf life of Dynamiclear and how should I store it?

Dynamiclear has a Shelf Life for each batch that is valid for 3 years from the date of manufacture. Dynamiclear is a 'stable' solution and when handled correctly (meaning the lid sealed properly and the vial stored out of direct sunlight) the product will not generally deteriorate or lose its potency. The best method of storage is to put the vial of Dynamiclear in an air-tight jar or container and store it away from direct sunlight and magnetic fields at room temperature. The product should not be refrigerated. Also ensure that the lid of the pump vial of Dynamiclear is tightly sealed after each use. This will make sure you get the most value for money from your Dynamiclear.

Can I use other creams or topical treatments with Dynamiclear?

It is recommended that no other externally applied product be used before, during or immediately after applying Dynamiclear (such as other creams or ointments) until the area has begun to heal. The affected area needs to be clean, dry and free from other products before and after making the Dynamiclear application. The reason for this is to prevent possible irritation or interference, and to allow the Dynamiclear application the best chance of success

Once the local virus infection has died and the skin is beginning to repair and heal you may like to apply a product to soothe the skin and assist with its repair, such as our Biogenic Aloe Vera Gel. This product may also be helpful in healing any redness or tenderness.

You will know when the skin is beginning to heal because a scab or crusting will begin to form, or in moist areas the wound will typically begin to close over and reduce in size without forming any scab. Our Biogenic Aloe Vera Gel can be applied several times per day once the scab has formed and may help it heal significantly faster.

Is Dynamiclear Guaranteed to work?

Yes, we guarantee every product that we sell. If you are not happy for any reason with your purchase, you can return the item/s for a full product refund.

All refunds are less the delivery cost once an order has been shipped.

All of our products come with an unconditional 2 Year Money Back Guarantee. Our guarantee is designed to give you peace of mind and as much time as you need to be certain that our products are right for you - or else you do not have to pay a single cent for the product.

If you would like a refund, return your merchandise within the guarantee period for a full product refund, less delivery. The return address is found on our Contact Us page

Customer satisfaction and confidence in our products is extremely important to us. In fact, we have based our business on providing our customers with a high level of service and personal care. At our clinic in Queensland Australia we have seen first hand the impressive results that Dynamiclear offers and we are passionate about seeing you succeed and live a more fulfilled life too. If Dynamiclear doesn't help you then we don't believe you should have to pay for it. It's that simple.

Delivery Questions:

Where can I find delivery information?

For all things related to shipping including delivery times, prices and answers to specific questions please take a look at our Delivery Information page.

This page contains detailed information about the delivery services we offer, time and cost, signature requirements, privacy, ordering from military and armed forces, warehouse locations and more!

Where will my order be sent from?

All orders are automatically sent out from the Dynamiclear warehouse closest to you, the same day or the next business day after we confirm your payment.

Can I buy Dynamiclear over the counter at my store?

Dynamiclear is available from Doctors, Pharmacies and over the counter in stores across Australia, where it is manufactured and developed. For all other countries, it is available online from the Dynamiclear warehouse nearest to you.

Dynamiclear has warehouses in New York, USA and in Northern Ireland.

We also service nearly every other destination in the world. Just select your country after you have added items to your cart for a shipping quote and estimated delivery times to your location.

Are my order details private & confidential?

Yes, most certainly. We understand the sensitive nature of our products and any information that you provide is treated with the highest level of confidentiality.

We guarantee a private buying experience from start to finish and treat every order with discretion and attentive care.

Your personal information is private. Details that you provide are used only for the purpose of fulfilling your order or enquiry and are not shared with any third party.

The words 'Herpes' or 'Dynamiclear' do not appear on any parcel or packaging. All orders are sent in a plain package with discrete labeling.

If you pay by credit card, the charge is confidential. The charge will appear on your statement from our sister company, Global Herbal Supplies.

For your privacy, Dynamiclear is listed as a "Skin Care Item" on any customs shipping invoices. This is relevant only for orders shipped outside of the United States and the United Kingdom as Dynamiclear is sent locally in these countries.

Once your payment is complete, you will be emailed a confirmation for your transaction. If you do not receive this email, please check your junk mail box. If you have selected a delivery service that has tracking as a feature, a tracking number for your delivery will be sent to your email once your order is dispatched.

For further reassurance of our commitment to your privacy please read our official Privacy Policy.

Ordering & Security:

Is this website secure and is my credit card protected?

Yes - Dynamiclear guarantees the protection of your information by using industry leading technology and proven fraud protection services.

  • The Dynamiclear order form is protected using a SSL Secure Certificate with 256 bit encryption. This is the highest level of security currently available for securing online transactions and details.
  • The Dynamiclear Secure Certificate is provided by GeoTrust, one of the world's leading digital certificate providers.
  • Your credit card details are deleted from our computer systems after processing.
  • HACKER SAFE scans all website pages daily, including our order form, to guarantee that our site is protected and safe against online intrusions.
  • MaxMind Credit Card Fraud Protection software is in use on our order form to guard against identity theft and fraud.
  • Once your payment is complete, you will be emailed a confirmation for your transaction.

What payment methods do we accept?

Payment by credit or debit card is fast, secure and cost-effective. It is also the most convenient way to make payment for your Dynamiclear order, especially if you would like to receive your order as fast as humanly possible.
You can pay with any major credit or debit card including Mastercard, Visa, American Express and JCB cards. Sorry, we cannot accept "Prepaid/Gift Cards".
Dynamiclear is also a Paypal Verified company, which means that you can purchase Dynamiclear using Paypal if you prefer. This may give you further confidence that your transaction is protected and secure.
When you are ready to place your order please use our Secure Order Form and select the payment option that suits you best.

* Pease note: Western Union, Money Order or Direct Deposit payment options are available on request. Contact our customer service department for details.

Can I get a discount?

Yes. If you order more than one of the same item in the store you will receive the following discounts:

  • Buy 2 of any item - get 5% off
  • Buy 3 of any item - get 10% off
  • Buy 6 of any item - get 15% off

Or get 15% off individual items when you purchase them as part of our recommended kits

These discount are on top of our Customer Loyalty Rewards (CLR) discount of an extra 5% off for returning Customers.

Are there any recurring charges?

All charges are applied once only and are a "one time" only purchase. Furthermore, all credit card numbers are removed from our computer systems after an order is successfully processed.

Company Information and Contact:

How long has Dynamiclear been in business?

Our company has been doing business online for over ten years now, with our first website launch dating back to 1997. The Mareeba Natural Health Clinic where Dynamiclear was developed has been a registered health care practice since 1984, serving the community for more than 16 years. Further information about our company Dynamiclear Company History

Who can I contact for product support?

For ordering and order assistance, call 800 670 4363.

For technical information about our products including application support, please call our Australian Clinic toll free from the USA on 1877 553 4488.

The Dynamiclear Support Clinic has over a decade of experience in helping to manage viral conditions with natural therapies and we have a high customer satisfaction rate. Each case is unique and sometimes specific support may be required, which is why our staff are available to offer support to all of our customers.

What are the Dynamiclear support hours?

Ordering and sales support out of our US office is available 24/7. Just call 800 670 4363.

For information of a more detailed or personal nature, you can contact our trained staff at our Mareeba Clinic in Australia. Clinic Business Hours are 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday to Friday Australian EST.

All Other Countries: (calling code to dial Australia) + 617 4092 7781 Alternatively, please contact us with your name and phone number and a Dynamiclear representative will call you back as soon as we open. Our clinic staff are knowledgeable and discrete.

Herpes Help

Can I still transmit the virus to my partner?

Unfortunately one of the biggest problems with the Herpes simplex virus is that it can spread when there are no symptoms because of what is known as Asymptomatic Viral Shedding. Herpes viral shedding occurs when the virus surfaces to the skin without showing any symptoms. By doing this, the Herpes virus can occasionally spread to another person even if there are no signs of an infection at the time of contact.

The good news is that there are ways that you can greatly minimize this risk. The chance of spreading the Herpes virus when there are no symptoms is statistically very small. At most there is a 3 - 8% chance that the virus will spread in this way.[4] According to current studies, there is a greater likelihood of you having a car accident than there is of contracting Herpes from a person who is aware of their HSV positive status.

More good news is that this already very small chance can be greatly reduced by taking some simple precautions. It's a fact that avoiding contact when there are signs of the virus, using condoms, strengthening your immune system, and taking clinically supported supplements and medication can help to lower your already low risk of spreading Herpes.

  • The first golden rule is that under no circumstance should you have intimate contact with the area when you see or feel any signs or symptoms. This includes symptoms that you can't see including itching, tingling and tenderness.
  • The "high risk time" for spreading the Herpes virus is from the very first sign of symptoms up until a few days after the area has completely healed. This is because there is a chance that viral matter may still be present on the skin for a few days after the infection has cleared.
  • The odds of passing on Herpes is statistically lower with the use of condoms. Condoms will not guarantee complete protection but they will help to lower your chance of spreading Herpes, including at times when there are no symptoms.[6] You may not want to use condoms if you are in a serious or long term relationship. In this case you may want to consider using other preventative options such as taking a therapy to reduce Herpes viral activity.

What can be done to potentially help reduce shedding?

  • Valtrex is a Herpes medication that, if taken daily, has been proven to reduce the risk of Herpes viral shedding. This drug must be prescribed by a Doctor.
  • Immune Support is a 'guaranteed potency' herb therapy (manufactured to GMP certification) that has been shown in clinical studies to reduce Herpes viral shedding in vitro. It works by optimizing the body's immune response and "inhibiting the Herpes virus from shedding, budding and assembling at the cell membrane". This supplement may be beneficial for both those individuals who have Herpes, as well as for non-infected partners who wish to take a natural supplement to help improve their immune resistance against Herpes.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is another way to reduce the activity of the Herpes simplex virus. The Herpes Free Diet Guide is a useful ebook with detailed information about Herpes and how it is affected by certain foods and drinks, including recipes.
  • Combined Lysine Formula is a combination of nutrients which have been shown in clinical studies to reduce the activity of the Herpes virus. This supplement specifically addresses diet concerns that are relevant to Herpes and may offer further protection against transmission.
  • Communication is really important. If you see or feel any signs or symptoms (including itching, tingling or nerve pain) make absolute certain to avoid having sex or intimate contact with the area. Any possible symptoms, including those that you can't see, can mean that the Herpes virus is active and potentially contagious. Evidence has shown that when your partner is aware that you have genital herpes, the risk of spreading the infection to them is a lot lower.[5]

Asymptomatic viral shedding is most frequent during the first year of infection, and typically occurs much less often in HSV-1 genital herpes cases (a genital infection that is usually acquired from a cold sore).[4]

Some of our clients have had the Herpes virus for several years, sometimes 20 years or longer, and to the best of their knowledge have never spread the Herpes virus to any of their partners. Some of these individuals have been in long term relationships for decades without ever passing the virus onto their partner. So we know for a fact that it is possible to NOT spread the Herpes virus to your partner! These success stories are often attributed to simple precautions such as abstaining from sex during outbreaks, communicating with partners when an outbreak might be present, and actively supporting the immune system to suppress viral activity.

What if I am unsure if I have Herpes?

If you notice something out of the ordinary, it is really important to have be diagnosed professionally before you begin any type of treatment. If you suspect you have an infection, STI or an unusual skin condition please consult a health care provider in your area as soon as possible, preferably before the symptoms go away.

Don't be embarrassed. Your Doctor is trained to identify these types of conditions and more than likely is dealing with Herpes and other skin infections on a regular basis. You can also find a free STD clinic in most areas, if the cost of the visit is a concern.

It is ideal to visit a Doctor while you still have visible symptoms as this will enable them to look at the infection and make an educated guess on what may be causing the infection, before having to do further testing. If you let it go by, it may be several weeks or months before you will have the opportunity to confirm what is causing the problem.

Herpes can be diagnosed either by a blood test or by taking a sample of the affected skin tissue and sending it away for analysis. The latter is preferred if possible, because blood tests may not always provide a conclusive result. There are many reasons for this, including that it can take up to three months for the antibodies to develop which these blood tests are designed to detect.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to get a professional opinion on what may be the cause of your symptoms, rather than self-diagnosing or jumping to conclusions based on your own research. Our clinic has witnessed many cases of misdiagnosis where a patient has incorrectly presumed that they are infected with Herpes, when in fact something else has been causing their symptoms.

Getting peace of mind by knowing what is really going on and having the correct information on how to properly treat and manage the condition is always worth one inconvenient visit to the Doctor.

Due to the sometimes atypical nature of the Herpes virus, it is not uncommon for a person to occasionally be incorrectly diagnosed, even by a trained medical professional. If you do happen to purchase Dynamiclear and use it on a condition that is not Herpes, it is unlikely to cause any harm or contraindication, but it also may not work as expected.

All purchases are covered by our 2 Year Money Back Guarantee, no matter what the circumstance. This means that any of the products in our store can be returned within the 2 year guarantee period for a full product refund, less shipping, if your condition is later confirmed to be something other than Herpes.

Where can I obtain more information about the Herpes virus?

There are some great Herpes information resources available, as well as free support centers if you need help. Firstly, check out our information pages:

Genital Herpes information Cold sore information

The following is a list of Herpes community services and useful websites:

  • Herpes-Coldsores (HC) Support Network - This network has an active support forum and online community which provides free services including live chat support, information and research updates. Read personal stories and get real-life guidance from people who are living with Herpes. You can also ask your own questions here or offer advice to others.
  • HSV Blog - A site which will make you feel instantly better about having Herpes, and why Herpes does NOT spell the end for all relationships.
  • Oral and Genital Herpes Testing Online - This website enables you to purchase and arrange Herpes tests online from the privacy of your own home. They are BB accredited and offer 24/7 live support. This service is confidential.
  • Positive Singles Herpes Dating Site - Positive Singles is the largest dating site in the world for people affected by genital herpes. This is a friendly adult community which offers a completely anonymous dating service for people who wish to avoid "the talk" or meet new friends who share this affliction.
  • Herpes Answers Blog - a collection of articles which include stories and facts about preventing the spread of Herpes, natural Herpes therapies and commentary on HSV.
  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle - A New York Times best seller, this book gives practical tools to still the mind and find freedom from negativity, this philosophy can be useful to those who are seeking a spiritual path or would like to find guidance in overcoming negative thought patterns.
  • Cold Sore Facts - A website with helpful information specifically about cold sores (oral and facial Herpes)
  • Tell Someone about Herpes Anonymously - this is a free service which allows you to send an anonymous email to someone you know who may have been exposed to the Herpes virus (or other STIs) advising them to get tested.


[1] Clewell A, Barnes M, et al. (2012), "Efficacy and tolerability assessment of a topical formulation containing copper sulfate and hypericum perforatum on patients with Herpes skin lesions: a comparative, randomized controlled trial." New York: J Drugs Dermatol. 2012 Feb;11(2):209-15 [2] Sagripanti, J.L., L.B. Routson and C.D. Lytle. 1993. "Virus inactivation by copper or iron ions alone and in the presence of peroxide." Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 59:4374-4376. [3] Borkow, G., and J. Gabbay. 2004. Putting copper into action: copper-impregnated products with potent biocidal activities. FASEB J. 18:1728-1730. [4] Richwald, G.A., Warren, T.J, (2002) "The Diagnosis and Management of Genital Herpes: The Silent Epidemic." Medscape, The Center for Health Care Education, LLC. [5] Wald A, Krantz E, Selke S, Lairson E, Morrow RA, Zeh J. "Knowledge of partners' genital herpes protects against Herpes simplex virus type 2 acquisition." J Infect Dis. 2006;194:42-52. [6] Conant MA, Spicer DW, Smith CD: "Herpes simplex virus transmission: Condom studies." Sex Transm Dis 11:94-95, 1984.