How to Reduce Herpes Symptoms through the Foods You Eat and the Way You Live.

A detailed guide to foods, drinks and habits that can impact the herpes virus and its symptoms.

This is a must-read ebook for anyone interested in reducing HSV outbreaks by making simple changes.

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Yummy Recipes

Delicious and healthy herpes fighting recipes to get you started!

Know Your Foods

Easy to read chart showing highest to lowest Lysine / Arginine foods.

What NOT to eat

Foods you absolutely should avoid during a breakout, and other special tips.

Did you know that your food choices can help to dramatically reduce the likelihood of another outbreak?

  • Ever wondered why other people get way less outbreaks than you?
  • Why do you get more outbreaks in summer & winter than in other seasons?
  • What powerful nutrient feeds the virus & which powerful nutrient starves the virus?
  • Want to know which foods are triggering your outbreaks?
  • Ever needed ways to relieve symptoms, including pain, with household items?

If the answer is yes, then this ebook could be a golden source of life-changing facts for you.

Insider Secrets to Help Keep You Outbreak Free

This diet guide was researched and written by Dr John Spurge ND, Naturopath and Developer of Dynamiclear. He has successfully helped thousands of herpes and cold sore sufferers keep their breakouts away.  

But best of all, by making simple and healthy changes you will be able to SEE and FEEL the results for yourself.

Inside this Ebook You Will Discover

Herpes Facts & Photos

Straight facts, symptoms and typical photos.

Food Checklist

Foods to avoid and foods to include to help manage herpes outbreaks.

Outbreak Triggers

Simple tricks to stop provoking herpes outbreaks.

Faster Healing

Which foods are good for your skin’s recovery.

Water Insight

The best type of water you should be drinking.

Buyer's Guide

What to look for when buying supplements.


Superfoods to Supercharge your Immune System.

Back to Basics

Such as the type of bread you should be eating.

Alkaline Foods

What you should know about the acid vs. alkaline food theory.

How to Deal with Stress

Proven stress-busting foods and tips!

Bonus Feature Included!

The newly revised version now includes Dr John’s 3 Step Protocol

Dr John’s personally designed program to combat the herpes simplex and cold sore virus, minimize symptoms and significantly extend the period in between each breakout, all in 3 easy steps.

This ebook is a good way to learn more about the herpes virus and what can be done naturally to suppress it. The information contained here can help both newly diagnosed & long time sufferers.