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About the Dynamiclear Company

Our family-owned business involves two generations of members working as a team to provide expert support and knowledge to people affected by the Herpes virus.

Our mission and vision is to reduce and eliminate Herpes outbreaks.

Dynamiclear’s core focus is to help people to reduce or eliminate Herpes outbreaks naturally and, where appropriate, without the use of drugs. Our focus goes beyond the disease organism to identify the needs of the individual client. This way we can determine what might work best for you.

Team experience includes over a decade of dealing with and understanding the virus and how it acts on the human body, with comprehensive attention to nutrition, diet and lifestyle. We want to help you fight the Herpes virus and improve your health through safe and certified natural solutions.


Dynamiclear was founded by Dr John Spurge ND and his son. Dr Spurge and his team have worked extensively with Herpes sufferers at his clinic in Mareeba, Australia. In 1997, he marketed the world’s first “once off” application gel which effectively clears stubborn HSV 1 & 2 lesions. The remarkable quality of Dynamiclear has made it fundamental in John’s treatment protocol. An independent study by the University of Maryland (1997, peer reviewed and published) showed that an application of one of the active ingredients in Dynamiclear destroyed 90% of the Herpes simplex virus in half an hour. This is an unprecedented and exceptional result.

Clinical trials carried out on our product in 2006 (and peer reviewed in 2010) confirmed the safety and effectiveness of our Dynamiclear treatment on HSV 1 & 2 lesions in both men and women. The results showed that lesions healed significantly faster from a once-off application, compared to several applications applied over several days for the control (topical 5% acyclovir, used as directed). NO adverse side effects were recorded.

In 2008 we registered our patent for the formula in Australia, Europe and a number of other countries around the world. In 2009, the Pharmaceutical Company Litha partnered with Dynamiclear to get the product registered in Australia. It was successfully launched in Durban, South Africa in 2013.


Currently another Pharmaceutical Company, Palladine, is taking on the rights in Canada. They are working through regulatory processes and plan to launch the product in 2014.

In 2010 Dynamiclear Rapid was awarded approval as a Listed Medicine in the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) registrar.

We have many resources available, including our Herpes Free Diet Guide, to help you evaluate how your diet and way of life could be affecting your condition. Our knowledge can help you identify possible outbreak triggers, such as a food or the effects of a past illness which might be preventing you from living an outbreak–free life.

Dealing with this sometimes embarrassing and debilitating condition on your own can be an overwhelming burden if carried alone. We are here to help you.

Dynamiclear Corporate Office
Dynamiclear Warehouse, Olean (near Buffalo) New York

Dr John Spurge ND, Dynamiclear founder

Dr John Spurge is the resident Naturopath, Iridologist and Homeopath of the longest running naturopathic practice in far north Queensland. Dr Spurge noticed that his patients who were suffering from conditions caused by the Herpes simplex virus could often find only minor relief from both conventional and traditional therapies available. This frustration was the catalyst for the development of Dynamiclear.

Dr Spurge is author of the “Herpes Free Diet Guide” and developer of the single application gel Dynamiclear. He leads an innovative health practice in Australia where he specializes in holistic and natural therapies, with particular attention to diet and chemistry. He has devoted the latter part of his career to promoting public awareness of Herpes and considers nutrition, lifestyle, accurate information and inner calm to be core aspects of any treatment.

We find that the stigma attached to a Herpes diagnosis can in some cases be more debilitating than the actual symptoms themselves, with the risk of transmission to a non-infected partner being one of the greatest concerns for many of our clients who are affected by the Herpes virus. We provide various resources and treatment modalities to help our clients overcome the difficulties of Herpes viral conditions, and have been a part of many heart-touching success stories during the 25 years that Dr Spurge has been in practice.

With the help of his team, Dr Spurge has devoted resources to fund a Herpes support center to help with the emotional effects often experienced by those who become affected by the Herpes virus.

Dr Spurge’s work and products have been featured on national television in Australia, as well as in the Australian Journal of Pharmacy, TradeTalk, Connect Magazine, International Lifestyle Magazine and the Australian Family Physician.
He has multiple degrees including in Naturopathy (natural health science) and Business Commerce. Outside of his clinic he enjoys playing his saxophone, maintaining his lush and wild tropical garden, and also likes to dabble in a game of snooker with his family.

Dr Spurge is currently the Director of Dynamiclear and continues to practice naturopathy at the Mareeba Natural Health Clinic, while helping to sustain and manage the services of his organization with more than 100,000 clients worldwide. We have been providing support to our customers and the Herpes community since 1997. If we can help you please let us know, we are always available to offer support.

After a decade in the industry and a large investment in clinical research and development, Dynamiclear passed all the requirements needed to become available to the public through doctors and drug stores.

Due to the demand for Dynamiclear there are now product warehouses across the globe including in Buffalo New York, Northern Ireland and in Cairns and Sydney, Australia.

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