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Feel tingling or mild heat while Dynamiclear kills the viral infection [1]
Outbreak starts to dry out and close over, typically within hours! [2]
The outbreak is on its way out, time to feel good and start healing

Dynamiclear makes it easy for you to get back to feeling fine.
Just apply once to any problem areas and experience rapid relief.

Apply Dynamiclear and Get Fast Relief

Life Changing Stories

Effective, All Natural Ingredients

Dynamiclear contains pharmaceutical grade, premium quality ingredients, supported by clinical research.

Cupric Salts

Cupric Salts

A mineral with powerful anti-viral properties, including the ability to destroy over 90% of herpes virus forming colonies within 30 minutes of making contact. [1]


Hypericum Dynamiclear Ingredient

Traditionally used to treat wounds and infections, this herb is also helpful for nerve conditions and is shown to be an active weapon against viruses. [3][4]


Calendula Dynamiclear Ingredient

Once a staple in every first aid kit; this calming herb is valued for its ability to settle redness, itching and inflammation.[5][6]



Botanicals, vitamins and nutrients to soothe and nourish the skin, assisting with a faster, softer recovery.

Hundreds of Thousands of People Worldwide Have a Better Quality of Life Now That They Have Found Dynamiclear…

Since the introduction of Dynamiclear users have found a very different and highly effective way of managing their outbreaks.

Dynamiclear is for anyone unsatisfied with the results they are currently getting, or not getting, from other therapies.

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