Don’t wait for your outbreak to go slowly through its cycle.

Don’t wait for your outbreak to go slowly through its cycle.

Stop the infection head-on and skip straight to healing.

Stop the infection head-on and skip straight to healing.

Try Dynamiclear Now

Feel tingling or mild heat while Dynamiclear kills the viral infection [1]

Outbreak starts to dry out and close over, typically within hours! [6]

The outbreak is on its way out, time to feel good and start healing

Banish Outbreaks in 1 Single Application

Clinically Tested Results. 2 Year Money Back Guarantee.

Cupric ions

Kill over 90% of the herpes virus in less than 1 hour [1]


Help prevent scarring and aid in wound
healing [2][3]


Settle red, itching
and inflamed
skin [4][5]

Skin emolilents

and nourish

No Alcohol, Parabens, Artificial Additives or Animal Products

Clear Outbreaks Effortlessly, and in Less Time

Compare how easy it is to manage an outbreak with Dynamiclear.

Prescription Medication Ordinary Creams
Dose per Outbreak 50 x capsules (200mg) 25 to 50 applications 1 application
When One pill every 4 hours (or 5 times daily) for 10 days 5 applications, 5 times a day, for up to 10 days 1 application at any outbreak phase.
Value 2 outbreaks

(100 capsule bottle)
Up to 3 outbreaks

(0.07 oz tube)
Make up to 60 Applications

(0.84 oz bottle)
Average outbreak cost $5 – $235 $6.66 – $9.99 $1.63

Less Downtime, So You Can Focus on Other Things

When you are in pain and that outbreak won’t budge, you can rely on Dynamiclear to resolve the symptoms fast in a simple, single application.

  • Effective Relief from Pain, Blisters and Itching
  • No Unpleasant Side Effects
  • Results You Can Count On Every Time

In clinical study, over 90% of the Herpes virus was destroyed in less than 1 hour after applying the Dynamiclear active. [1]

See HowCan Work for You

Watch with satisfaction as those annoying symptoms dry out, close over and heal.

No matter how long your outbreaks normally last for, you can expect the itching, blisters and pain to clear significantly faster after applying Dynamiclear.

One 30 second application and you’re done.

Get Dynamiclear Now and See Results

An Exceptional Guarantee to Make Certain You Are Satisfied.

Dynamiclear Advantage Value Vial
  • Attack and Destroy the Virus with Every Application
  • Watch Your Symptoms Disappear Faster than Ever
  • Apply Once per Outbreak and You’re Done
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Dab it on, press it firm and chill out. You’re done.

Apply a single application of Dynamiclear to the sore

Put your bottle away for safe keeping

Relax and be amazed as your outbreak heals faster

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  1. Sagripanti, J L ., Routson L B., et al. “Mechanism of copper-mediated inactivation of herpes simplex virus.” Antimicrob Agents Chemother. Apr 1997; 41(4): 812–817. Clinical Trial conducted by the Maryland University and sponsored by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
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